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How It Works

FavoriteRun is a campaign-based run tracker that enables you to log your runs in support of the causes that matter most to you and your community. Choose the goals you want to work toward, then start running! You can join campaigns that already exist, or create your own unique campaign and invite others to support you.


Individual campaigns let you run in support of someone's personal cause, such as weight loss or distance running.


Join a sponsored campaign and enter to win special prizes from the campaign organizer as you log your runs!

Charity or Cause

Join others and achieve goals that raise awareness for life-changing charities and causes with the help of the FavoriteRun community.

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FavoriteRun makes it easy to log your runs, join campaigns, and create your own ways to motivate yourself and impact your community.

Uplifting, Educating, and Inspiring Others, One Run at a Time

Autism Schneider Twins Story

Robyn Schneider

The FavoriteRun App has greatly helped us raise awareness and share the amazing running story of our twin sons Alex and Jamie. Alex and Jamie both have a severe form of autism that requires intensive care, but have had tremendous success in distance running, completing full marathons in 2 hours and 50 minutes and 3 hours and 14 minutes respectively.

Being dedicated members of the FavoriteRun Facebook Community, we were very excited to experience the same loving and encouraging running community on the app. With the FavoriteRun app, we were able to create running campaigns to share Alex and Jamie’s story with other runners while simultaneously raising awareness about autism and providing running inspiration. Just like on the FR community, we were welcomed with very positive responses about how our story inspired thousands of runners across the nation.

Healthy Lifestyle for Youth

Grace Lu

The FavoriteRun has helped my non-profit Healthy Lifestyle for Youth immensely. Through starting campaigns to raise awareness about the mission of the non-profit, which is to promote the active lifestyles of youth in the community, I was able to raise money to purchase brand new running shoes for low-income students and also share my non-profit’s cause with the community of runners.

Many users were interested in my cause, and consequently left encouraging comments as well as contributed miles to offer support. The FavoriteRun app has truly helped my non-profit raise more money than ever possible without the app, and we are now able to help more kids lead active lifestyles than ever before!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Elanna F.

I was a very active runner when I was in high school, but after I graduated and moved on to college and then to my masters, it was really difficult for me to find the right kind of motivation to get me moving again. Enter runDisney...and the FavoriteRun app!! I signed up for my first runDisney event (the Neverland 5k, which would take me through both Disneyland itself and California Adventure over the course of the race) and was so excited to participate in something Disney-themed.

Then discovered that a first time marathon group on Facebook was sponsoring a FavoriteRun campaign specifically for the 5k. They were offering $25 Starbucks cards to everyone who could prove they'd run the 5k in under 25 minutes. That was a prize I couldn't resist. With a little faith, trust, and pixie dust from the FavoriteRun community, I completed my first 5k in 10 years in 24 minutes, and walked away with both a shiny new gift card and a renewed love for running that I thought I'd totally lost!

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Coming Soon to iOS and Android!